Alkaline Food

Alkaline Food

Alkaline food is essential to living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining longevity in the body.

It is very important to understand what alkalizing is so you can begin eating for optimum health. You will feel the benefits almost immediately. Each day will decrease your chances of becoming ill.


Alkalizing is all about creating the proper balance of alkaline in your body so you are completely healthy. When you alkalize, you naturally increase the intake of glutathione in your body so your cell growth is at top performance.

Eating alkaline foods gives you super healthy skin and helps you look years younger. You are also less likely to become ill eating this way. In fact, the majority of people who eat a diet of alkaline foods experience no illness at all.

Eating Raw

Alkaline food is not something special you need to make up nor is it an unappetizing concoction of foods. This is about eating raw, preferably organic, foods that have been processed as little as possible.

There are certain foods that carry a higher benefit than others and it is recommended that the more ill you are, the more of these foods you should eat.

It is important to understand that when you eat these foods for health benefits, you know how to properly prepare them. If not, then you could be losing most of the benefits. The digestive system was never designed to digest all types of food. However, it is designed to digest alkaline food.

What Foods Are Alkaline?


Many foods contain a large alkaline benefit but they are protected by shells or membranes that must be broken down in order to benefit from them.

Chewing is the obvious way to break down alkaline foods to get maximum benefit. However, most of us don’t chew our food enough. Food should be chewed about 30 times or until it is mush. Otherwise the benefit may result in only 30% or so.

The best way to eat alkaline vegetables is to either eat them raw or by steaming them lightly.

Boiling can take all of the nutrients out of the vegetables. All the goodness is left in the water and there is absolutely no nutrition in the boiled vegetable.

Canned vegetables have the same problem. They are left soaking in water and all of the nutrients end up in the water in the can.

A great way to get the alkaline from food, like fruits, is to blend them up in a drink. It is also recommended to blend vegetables too.

However, you should keep in mind which fruits are too high in sugar, like bananas, and not to consume too many of them. Though if you eat 80% of your diet from raw fruit and vegetables you can eat foods like this freely without any side effects. You can view a list of alkaline foods to see which are best.

Water is Vital

Another thing to think about when you eat food for alkalizing is to drink plenty of water. The recommended water you should be taking for optimum health is ionized alkalizing water.

It is widely known that 2 liters is the minimum amount we should be drinking. However, this is no longer the case as scientists have discovered the body should be consuming a liter of alkalized water for every 30 pounds you weigh. This will help your body drop unnecessary fat too.

When you focus on eating food for a balanced diet you really are giving your body the best nutrition for optimum health.

You will be able to lose unnecessary weight, increase your stamina and your strength, build a stronger immune system, and have a better sense of wellbeing.

Eating a diet full of alkaline foods will give you optimum health, which will increase your longevity and quality of life.



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