What Is Perleche And How To Cure It

What Is Perleche And How To Cure It

Angular Cheilitis, also known as Perleche, is mainly, but not totally, caused by a lack of vitamins and nutritional factors. Most of our ailments are caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, a deficiency in vitamins and bad digestion. When our diet is kept in check, by eliminating foods which in reality are loaded with chemicals, are processed, and have no natural health or nutritional value, our digestion improves. By improving our digestion, our health follows, and like a domino effect so does everything else including skin conditions such as Perleche.

Perleche is mainly caused by a lack of Riboflavin,  vitamin B12 and Iron. It is highly recommended that anyone suffering from Perleche (Angular Chelitis) starts taking the aforementioned vitamins immediately. Taking these vitamins may not resolve the problem. However, it will definitely help the situations, and when taken regularly may prevent future outbreaks. Good digestive health is imperative. In addition to the cracks and lesions which Perleche causes on the corners and in the sides of the mouth, it can be very painful to the point where sufferers can’t even open their mouths without experiencing excruciating pain.

The worst part is that the cracks which Perleche creates, can actually get infected, causing a fungus in the affected area, which if not treated can produce puss. Being that this happens right on the face, on the mouth, those who suffer from Perleche may lack confidence, especially when in public. It can take a toll in a person’s social life and may even affect work performance. Health starts from the inside, and keeping internal fungal infections at bay, keeps the immune system strong, but a Perleche Angular Chelitis remedy may just be the answer for getting everything back into balance!


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